Violin Finger Charts Help Play Easy Violin Songs Faster

Violin finger charts will help you play easy violin songs faster. And all beginners learning to play the violin will initially be looking for easy violin songs to play and practice on. It is a perfectly normal indication as all beginners need to feel some sort of accomplishment in being able to perform a few easy renditions.

Some great beginner violin pieces are composed by classical maestros and are easy to pick up but sound very impressive when played. Some of the popular beginner’s choices as far as classical music are:

  • Sonata 1 BWV by Bach
  • Ode to Joy by Beethoven
  • A Musical Joke by Mozart

Among the more popular violin songs one could search for festive songs such as Silent Night and Hot Cross Buns which are delightful melodies but very easy to pick up and play. There also sheets available for popular jazz, blues and rock tunes which you could choose from depending on your favorites. The beginner’s scores and sheets will have tunes that are easy to play with your violin without much technical difficulty. Nursery rhymes are also hugely popular for beginners and relatively easier to pick up on the violin.

The essence of practicing violin for beginners is meticulous painstaking efforts in correct methodology and “best practices” recommended by teachers. To reduce the difficulty one could break down the music into segments and practice these smaller measures until perfection is achieved before moving onto the next segment. Keep on practicing each measure, using your violin finger chart, till the movement is fluid and the overall sound is smooth and flowing. Timing is also a key requirement and needs dedicated practice in the initial stages.

Always try and practice with a metronome in the beginning stages because if you practice with an off-key instrument you will become accustomed to that sound which will ruin your melodies. The initial period of learning notes, keys and other musical requirements itself can be a little overwhelming to begin with. The next stage will be practicing music sheets that form parts or the whole song. Difficult as it may seem once you begin playing a couple of songs for your friends you will find the experience both fun and stimulating.

Once you are able to read the musical scores of sheets you will find on the internet a host of songs from almost any genre that you can practice with. The choices and variety of these songs could vary from traditional, folk, blues, jazz or rock tunes. Every individual also has a few personal favorites some of which even might have influenced your decision to take up violin as an instrument. You could avail of these violin sheets from the internet or online portals that provide access to these notes and sheets.

There are also plenty of online violin video tutorials most of which are available on YouTube or other video tutorial sites (most of them are free) and you could learn the different tricks of the trade that make it easier for you to pick up and play these violin songs. You could also identify the mistakes you are making by watching the tutorials enabling you to nip your mistakes in the bud. This is an essential part of learning the violin as once you start with wrong practices it is very difficult to shrug them of later.


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