Prepare Yourself For Keyboard Lessons With These Drills

Does anyone really think that drills are fun? It is not likely. You have to do the same drills again and again … and then again and again. It is possible to make them more enjoyable, though. Once you have found a way to make them more enjoyable then the practice on the piano will lead to much better results. Some of the most popular and valuable drills that can be done when beginners take keyboard lessons are described below.


While the name is fancy, Arpeggios are really great for beginning keyboard players. The hand-over-hand drills allow the beginning piano players some important benefits. The mastering of the Triad is the one benefit. This is key to the successes in piano playing. But, there is even more… The beginning pianists will also have the opportunity to use the keyboard with this exercise. Once this is mastered, more melodic songs will be next in the line of music to learn to play and they will use all five fingers to do it.

Articulation and Elision

These drills also have a fancy name and they work very well for piano students that are beginning to take keyboard lessons. In order to master the keyboard, several different drills will be used. For example:

  • A series that contains multiple notes (two or more)
  • Two or more notes at the same time
  • Staccato
  • Legato and Staccato while using two different hands
  • Piano and forte while using two different hands


The set of musical notes that start at a certain note are called scales. They are also commonly referred to as “boring”. There are a couple of very good reasons that piano students that have begun keyboard lessons should not learn the scales. One reason is that if they feel it is too boring they may just give up before they even get to their second lesson. .

Skill Drills

The short but technical drills that put focus on a certain skills are called skill drills. Be sure to do your research about which of the many types of skill drills will be most useful for your needs as a beginning keyboard player. It is good practice to use several different skill drills so that you can work on a wide range of skills on the piano. You may also discover drills that will allow the player to work on the areas that need the most attention in their piano playing. It is true, no matter how hard it is to admit, that we all have shortcomings that could use some fine tuning.

So why is it necessary to do piano drills? One really great aspect is that you can use them as part of your warm up. Just like warming up the oven before you cook, the piano drills will warm you up and make your fingers more nimble. You will also be giving yourself opportunities to practice certain areas that you do not have the time to practice during your main lessons.

While using piano drills in addition to the keyboard lessons for beginners, learning the specifics of playing the piano by using Rocket Piano is also a great idea. If you incorporate the right drills they will become much less boring.

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